; amsterdam

April 17, 2010

Amsterdam ; September 25th – 27th, 2009

85 students. 1 weekend. Amsterdam. Of legal age.

Amsterdam isn’t my favorite city in the world. For some reason I’m not entirely in love with it. But it has an energy to it that is a force to be reckoned with.

Anne Frank House // cafeteria

Testing out my first venture it photography with my crappy little point and shoot digital camera. After this trip the photog in me really came out full force.

I’ve never seen so many goddamn bikes in my life.

These fucking bikes were everywhere. I was almost run over about twenty million times by cyclists. I hate them I hate them I hate them. But then again it’s an Amsterdam thing. Makes the city unique.

Crooked canal houses. Is the world sinking?

Lunching in Dam Square. Pretty much sums up what we did this trip. Ate provided lunches of cheese and butter on the steps like a proper field trip. We’d roam around the city at night and run into other castle kids. We were swarming the place. It was contagious and fantastic.


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