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April 21, 2010

October 1st-4th, 2009

“Nous aurons toujours Paris.

The first time I went to Paris was when my Aunt took me for my 13th birthday. This time I was just shy of 20. Paris is perfection, and I wholly believe that if you speak the language, the city is entirely different than others experience it.

We lived off of cheap wine, street food, the french language and class.

Forget about my shoes killing me, blisters rendering me unable to walk, peeing on the Hotel de Ville in public, getting emotionally drunk and calling my mother from overseas telling her I had no right to be turning twenty in a day. She agreed.

For all purposes of this post, though, I’m sticking with the snobbish Parisian love of aesthetics, art, wine and culture.

Quasi Modo welcomes you to Paris.

Notre Dame was our central location. We never actually went in, but we walked by it a lot. Our hotel was right nearby. From there I bring pictures of the main 5 Points of Paris we explored.

#1: The Floors of Versailles

Walking where many Louis have walked before. And one Marie. Decadent.

Probably the best time I had in Paris and top five of the whole trip. We were filled with so much energy, so childish and excited. We took pictures all over the place, walked the entire grounds, found beauty and art everywhere we looked and took it with us. Of course we took a nap once we got back.

#2: Pont Neuf

The end of the islands. The Seinne was beautiful. View from the wooden bridge between La Musee d’Orsay and Le Louvre. I never did get on that boat ride.

#3: Le Louvre

Rachel and Eric studying art in the Louvre. We were pensive and intellectual that day.

#4: La Marais

We set out to find the Jews in Paris and we found them! The Jews and the hipsters and the gays all in one quarter and it’s amazing. I stayed in the Marais later when I met my family in Paris. On our day we were lucky enough to roam the streets on the Friday after the high holidays, so all of the men were out selling the typical items you need to celebrate Shabbat. Of course I forget the name of it and the ingredients. But French corner quaintness paired with yamacas is hard to beat. For a second the city felt small.

#5: La Tour Eiffel

It just never stops being beautiful. It’s strange how striking an oddly shaped iron tower can be. I’d rather look at it than be in it. The Paris skyline without it is plain criminal.

Paris, I will see you again. Somewhere down the road. I just hope I can still speak french to you!

Remember: “We’ll Always Have Paris.”


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