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May 20, 2010

Barcelona, Spain October 16th-18th, 2009

So I remembered hating Barcelona when I was there for 24 hours when I was eleven. It was busy and loud and commercial and dirty and there were tons of homeless sad people that made my sister cry (because she has a sensitive soul). I went back begrudgingly and hoping I’d changed or it had. Turns out right place, right time means everything.

Barcelona was our shortest weekend, from Friday to Sunday and one of our most lame, and one of our most eventful. I’ll explain. As the pictures progress I’ll exhibit.

a) The city where you’re supposed to eat dinner at ten, go out at midnight and party until daylight? We did not. Night one we drank a little too much sangria before and during dinner that it sent us straight into a lovely siesta all night long.

[my 10 Euro bowl of Sangria]

b) Night two we got ourselves up and out around midnight but were too cheap to pay an entrance fee and ended up drinking strange mojitos and getting free tequila shots at an outdoor bar. It was actually my kind of perfect. But the dancers of the group were pointed towards a free club so we entered, danced, noticed the 35-40 aged people there and left.

c) So we missed the epic nightlife, but we almost missed something more. Our flight. We suited up in our bikinis and speedos and went to the beach to play in the Mediterranean! It was only breaking 70 and the water was freezing, the currents so strong they knocked me over and I had sand in orifices for days. Also? Everyone else who was sane were in jackets. Once we ate a fantastic lunch (which I’ll blog about in my food edition coming who knows when), we thought we had plenty of time to get to our tiny airport an hour and a half outside of the city. But Braden and I, being the genius honors students we are, read the 17:00 departure time as 7pm instead of 5pm. It was 3:30.

d) Thus commenced The Amazing Race: Barcelona. Complete with the longest subway hallways in existence, a line change that took us above ground and sprinting along a yellow dotted line four about a half a mile to the “linked” station – all why my leggings were falling down…and with luggage. We caught the bus – but it would get us to the airport after our scheduled flight. So we split up into two cabs – 3 and 3. Our cab ended up costing 185 Euros. Brett, Eric and I had 186 between us. More running and sprinting took place until we boarded the plane and it actually took off ten minutes later.

e) Bonus: I called and texted my parents to let them know what was happening. That if we missed the plane, since it was a discount airline we had no idea when we could get another, where we would stay and we’d have to pay God knows how much for another flight.

They both took it very lightly and thought it was an excellent adventure….It was.

…like how the first thing we did was get lost on the way to finding our hostel and stumbled upon the most gorgeous park ever.

….or how Braden got us so lost after seeing the Sagrada Familia that we were off the edges of our city map and I navigated us all the way back into the old town to the Picasso museum. We literally walked the entire city limits and it was the best way we could have possibly spent our day…

Needless to say I love Barcelona now.


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