(500) days

May 31, 2010

“this isn’t a love story. it’s a story about love.”

(500) Days of Summer

It’s true. Because Summer Finn was a bitch.

But for some reason I really adore this movie. And I usually hate indie, “Juno” like movies, trying to be all hip. But this one rings so true despite its hipster tendencies, which I like better than Juno’s so it’s ok. Actually, I have no idea why I love this movie because both times I’ve watched it it’s left a particularly bitter taste in my mouth. You know the one. The one that reminds you that you were Tom once, hopelessly in love with someone who didn’t love you back.

Ok, so I love this movie because it’s a movie about Tom. And dammit if he isn’t downright lovable in a Ted Mosby sort of way. Joseph Gordon Levitt doesn’t hurt the matter either.

Also, it’s sometimes downright hysterical.

Like how Tom places himself into classic foreign film scenes. “The Seventh Seal” anyone? Get it? Instead of playing chess with death it’s cupid and cupid is being a little bitch and it’s chalk full of LOLz……..Ok, maybe I’m a pretentious film snob and only about twelve other people I know would find this hilarious but I don’t care because this movie was MADE FOR ME!

But moving on from the funny, there’s also the reason why this movie breaks my heart and wows me from a filmmaking standpoint all at once. And it’s this scene below.

Expectations vs. Reality

Honestly, who doesn’t go through this? How often am I going to an event and I visualize the entire thing before I even go? It’s like a storybook inside my head and it never, never turns out the way I envisioned it.

Life is kind of like that, I think. Never amounting to your own expectations and imagination. Oh! Speaking of:

“It’s these cards and the movies and the pop songs, they’re to blame for all lies and the heartache, everything.”

And then Marc Webb painted it all out for me on film with split screening and gorgeous visuals and it was so perfect it hurt. Which is why I prefer film to life. True facts.

So then there is the best line in the entire movie, delivered by none other than Matthew Gray Gubler aka The Gube.

Seriously, just when I’m about to go drown myself in my bathtub (fun fact, Gube loves baths) because I realize I’m totally like Summer, who’s a crazy bitch, I hear Paul in the confessional of the Real World house on 16mm-esque film and I realize I totally believe in love.



“It’s love. It’s not Santa Claus.”


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