Hi! My name is Erin, and I’m a 20 year old, soon to be junior in college. I’m a film production major by trade, lover of history and politics by hobby. My teacher tells me daily that to even be sitting in his class learning how to be in this wacky business they call the film industry I have to be a little bit nuts, and I probably am. I admit I feel older than I am, wiser than I am, and most likely smarter than I am. But to me, ambition and a strong head is a good thing. I’m also of the opinion that no love I find will ever amount to what is portrayed onscreen, and I’m probably ruined and have been since I was seven years old. So I’m not looking for it, and if I happen to find someone to love and occupy my time with for a little while, that’d be alright. But for now, all I want in life is to make movies, travel the world, eat good food and wear good clothes.


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