let’s get technical

May 1, 2010

Introduction to Film Production: Bolex Camera. 16mm reversal film. Mag tape for sound. Hand edit. Go.

Attempting to document my life, I’ve been meaning to bring my camera out and about more, and not just to parties. I found myself on Thursday in the editing room from 12-2 and then from 6-11:45. With a reel of picture and two of sound no less, trying to learn how to sync them together and edit it all. After a while, once I was successful in adding my first, then second, then third sound clips, I got cocky and decided to take pictures of this hunk of equipment called the Steenbeck I’ve been working on.

My three reels. Picture, my mag sound and my slug which will become my sound reel. I basically cut up the middle reel and inserted parts of it into the bottom one to create my sound track.

I wonder if the french are proud that the little guy I use to splice and tape my film is called a guillotine.

The gears at work.

Discarded film and mag in the drop bin. It always looks so pretty when it’s such a mess and crumpled up like that.